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Meridian Massage & Bodywork 
Yoga Therapy 
    Allyson Green has 500 hours of training with the renowned Hilaire Lockwood of Hilltop Yoga, located in Old Town, Lansing. She has been teaching since 2009.

    Private Yoga Instruction is a one on one opportunity for you to begin practicing safely or to deepen your already seasoned practice. A 60 minute private session is a good way to customize the Yoga practice to your specific needs, you may have a goal in mind like working on meditation techniques or mastering an upside down headstand space. Whatever your particular goals are you will leave the session with a new sense of body awareness & a calm yet energized feeling. Our studio space is equipped with props like straps, blocks & bolsters to help you rest in restorative postures like supported backbends & hip openers. 

    If you are looking for a personalized way to gain strength & flexibility all while cultivating a focused yet relaxed mind, then private yoga instruction is for you. 

    It is fundamental to the practice of Yoga that we address Breathing techniques and our overall quality of the breath. Pranayama or breath work is always highlighted and a part of the instruction. 

Private Yoga Instruction 
at our Studio

  One Hour Session ...........................$60
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