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Neuromuscular Therapy 

    As licensed therapists we are required to build upon our education each year, this means that our body of knowledge and experience is always expanding. We thank you our clients as you give us the gift of practicing the art of massage therapy. Every day is an exciting opportunity to learn something new. 
  *Thank you in advance for your business and respect for our professionalism. 
    It is our intention to demonstrate commitment to providing the highest quality massage therapy/bodywork to those who seek our services. We strive to work ethically, effectively and professionally. We accept the responsibility to do no harm to the physical, mental an emotional well being of self & clients. Sexual harassment will in no way be tolerated. Those who violate this policy will be asked to leave the studio and will not be permitted to return. 
    We acknowledge the confidential nature of the professional relationship with clients and respect each client's right to privacy. Information exchanged between therapist and client will only be shared with other bodywork professionals, doctors, therapist etc, with the client's consent. 

    There are some contraindications to consider with Massage Therapy, if you have any of the following: Bleeding disorders or take blood-thinning medication, Burns, Open/Healing wounds, Deep vein Thrombosis, Fractures, Severe Osteoporosis or Severe Thrombocytopenia - Massage Therapy is NOT recommended. 

Again, we express utmost gratitude to you, our clients. 
Be well!

100% Therapeutic Grade A essential oils will be diffused in your room & can be applied directly to the body while receiving any massage service. Essential oils have specific healing and supportive properties unique to each plant & plant blend. The therapeutic value of the oils can be obtained through the air with aromatherapy, applied right to the skin and with the vitality oils, ingested into the body. We have a large collection of blends and single essential oils for use.
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Long therapeutic strokes known as petrissage & effleurage and the the application of oils directly to the skin work to bring a sense of relaxation and calm to the body, improve circulation, decrease sensations of pain & work to correct the effects of stress on the body.
​Specific pressure applied to points on the Hand/Feet & Ears, the peripheral nerves of the body end in these places and by directing pressure to certain points works to create a healing environment to specific places in the body. This work is extremely relaxing and can be informative, like maps to your entire system this work with the Hands/Feet & Ears is beneficial to the entire body
Sometimes described as lazy mans yoga, Thai consists of many manipulations to the body that help to open the hips and shoulders and align the skeletal system. Acupressure is applied to the zen lines of the body to restore flow of energy in the body. Many feel energized and enhanced range of motion after a session. Please note the client is fully clothed and treatment is received on a luxurious memory foam mat on the floor. *Wear loose flexible clothing
By applying gentle sustained pressure directly to the skin (without the use of oils or creams) into the connective tissue to reduce restrictions, eliminate pain and restore range motion. This is a very relaxing technique that de-kinks the body.
Specific pressure and massage techniques are applied to the Trapezius, Spelnius, Scalenes, Sternocleidomastoid, Semispinalis, Temporalis & Suboccipital muscles to relieve pain and other symptoms you may experience as a result of headaches.
In Japanese the word 'Shi' means finger and 'Atsu' means pressure. This modality always uses the contact of both hands to work to restore the energy  or Qi flow in the body. This work leaves the body feeling energized and helps to improve range of motion. please note the client is fully clothed and the treatment is received on luxurious memory foam mat on the floor. *Wear loose flexible clothing
This technique is used to deactivate trigger points in the muscle, tendons & ligaments. It can help to lengthen chronically shortened muscles & work to balance muscle groups. Find true alignment and relief with NMT.
In Japanese 'Ashi' meaning foot & 'Atsu' meaning pressure. Therapist uses parallel bars on the ceiling to hold most of their weight and uses long strokes, the effect of this modality is deeper pressure and sense of relaxation.
Basalt stones are heated in a hot water bath and used as a tool for gliding massage and placed onto the body. Warming the tissue helps to promote deeper relaxation and more effective therapeutic work. It is important to stay hydrated before and after this work!
Those who suffer from chronic jaw tension or clicking, TMJ dysfunction, clenching, grinding, migraines, chronic sinus problems, head injuries, whiplash, strains from oral surgery, or chronic ear pains will seek relief with this safe & effective neuromuscular therapy technique. Client receives work inside of the mouth while therapist wears non-latex gloves, as well as therapeutic work externally on muscles of the neck & throat. This type of work releases the muscles and fascia involved with chewing and jaw clenching.     *This technique can be quite intense, though it is not necessarily painful. Since it deals with muscles that are rarely touched, they respond to much less pressure. It is extremely beneficial and even helps balance the upper body.
*Drag the cursor over the pictures for a description of each modality 
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Enjoy a Sauna session in this beautiful, two-person, FAR infrared sauna. Six carbon heaters are strategically placed to provide maximum warmth and relaxation. Drift away to the sound of your favorite music by connecting your phone or mp3 player to the integrated sound system. This luxurious sauna’s full-spectrum, color therapy, lighting system adds another calming feature to this restorative sanctuary. Dual LED control panels allow for easy control from inside or outside this sauna room.
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 a nourishing mixture of Herbs and Steam work to bring circulation to the pelvic bowl. Ideal for restoring a pain free cyclical menstrual rhythm. Steaming helps to heal injuries endured during birth and trauma to the pelvis. Can help to ease pain of and help to pass excess clots/fibroid tissue.
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